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Swift Institute

Specialized health care experienced in treating orthopedic, sports and spine injuries.


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Swift Institute: MRI and Physical Therapy

Whether you are returning to a healthy life after surgery, injured in the field of play, training to optimize performance, or seeking treatment options for chronic aches and pains, physical therapy might be your best solution to achieving the active life you deserve! Swift Institute is a comprehensive orthopedic and spine clinic, and physical therapy is a vital service we provide our patients. Our physical therapists work to ensure each patient’s physical therapy program delivers results. Learn more here:

If your provider orders a Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan (MRI), the MRI scan provides valuable information that can be provided to assist in diagnosing your medical condition and in providing your medical treatment. When it comes to scheduling MRIs, you have a choice of where to go. You don’t have to go to a hospital setting for your MRI, Swift Institute has 5 convenient offices with MRI capabilities.

The Best-in-Class SIEMENS MAGNETOM LUMINA 3T MRI at the Swift Institute Village at Rancharrah office in Reno offers a wide bore that adapts to patients’ needs and initiates the optimal scan protocol —delivering the diagnostic information needed. With exceptional image quality and a patient-friendly experience, this is the 3T MRI trusted by medical providers and preferred by patients.

For many people, going to a hospital can be intimidating or fear-inducing for a number of reasons. In contrast, the Swift Institute 3T MRI is located at the Village at Rancharrah, Reno-Tahoe’s destination for boutique shopping, gourmet dining, and holistic wellness.

In and out faster, less expensive, more comfortable than a hospital, best-in-class technology, and quick results are all great benefits of going to Swift Institute for MRI exams. Learn more here:


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