It takes a Village...We're excited to bring news, special event invitations, and shop announcements.

It takes a Village...

We're excited to bring you news, special event invitations, and shop announcement for the Village at Rancharrah. In addition, we will be introducing you to the owners of the incredible shops, restaurants, and businesses of The Village as we share their stories and encourage you to get to know them better. We will also be offering subscribers information on upcoming events and an opportunity to win some wonderful prizes.

Construction update

The grass is in. The trees and plants are in.The beautiful 500,000 BTU fireplace (!!!) has been turned on and we are looking forward to roasting s'mores and drinking hot cocoa there when we open in the Fall. The Village is becoming less of a construction site and more a place of beauty that we look forward to welcoming you to. Below are some photos of the Village for your viewing pleasure.

Meet the Village

Over the next few weeks and months we will be introducing you to our wonderful shopkeepers and entrepreneurs. First on our list are the owners of Perenn Bakery, Tyler and Aubrey O'Laskey. They are one of Reno's up-and-coming culinary professionals - please stay tuned for an introduction to Perenn!

When will we be open?

Due in part to the complications of the pandemic, we have delayed the opening of restaurants in the Village to 2021. However, our doors will be open soon in 2020 for shopping and special events. Please click the links below to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!